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1,832 participating businesses.
Find A Discount

The Privilege Card is unique and easy to use. You can use it at businesses in your local area, when you travel and soon, when you shop online. And now, finding a merchant is easy and fast. Just click the Find a Discount button above and enter a city, county, state, type of business, keyword or any other search criteria. Immediately you'll be shown a list of everyone who fits your request.

There's no coupon to clip or print and no book to remember to grab. All you do is show your personal Privilege Card each time you purchase at your favorite merchant's place of business and you'll receive your discount.

Also, you can search a national pharmacy list by zip code to find the pharmacies that are close to you who participate in the program. This works whether you are at home or on the road. Just locate the pharmacy, take them your prescription and show your card. It is an easy and fast way to save some money.

  • Tampa restaurant
  • Auto dealer in California
  • Cars in Boone county
  • Car rental

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