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Payday - the easy way...

The Payroll market has essentially been unchanged since the paradigm shift in the late 1970's, fueled by the nearly concurrent application of direct deposit of payroll through the ACH (Automated Clearing House) and the widespread deployment of ATMs. While this was indeed a dramatic and positive shift, thirty years later only 60 percent of U.S. consumers are in a position to take advantage of direct deposit of payroll.

The Privilege Card's PayCard represents another quantum leap forward in pay delivery by providing increased value and productivity to Employers, while lowering costs and adding convenience and security for consumers.

Our Privilege Card's PayCard feature has been specifically designed to meet the needs of all potential constituents - Employers and Employees alike.

PayCard Product Highlights

Because we believe that an Employees' pay is their life, a superior product design has been combined with a superior, state-of-the-art processing platform to ensure that ourPayCard customers will have access to their money and information when, where, and how they wish to have it.

The PayCard vision includes:

The elimination of the need to mail pay stubs in favor of accessing pay stub information via the Internet or the ATM
A "distribution" component that allows Employees to pay bills and make other transfers of funds
A PayCard to obtain cash from ATMs or make purchases at the point of sale
Allowing split pay deposits so that Employees with a bank account can use the PayCard as an easy, convenient and inexpensive means to give money to another family member for such things as allowance, college expenses and more

Employer's Benefits:

Fund all Employer Disbursements
Travel Expenses
Reduce or eliminate paycheck costs
Production and distribution costs
Easy Error Correction
Lost or Stolen Check Replacement
Stop Payments
Ease administrative burden
Same process as Direct Deposit
Funds are available to Employees at beginning of payday
Ease of handling special situations (Pay errors, "last day pay")
Eliminate Pay Stubs
Applicable to all Employers-- retail, grocery, restautrant, hospitality, construction, entertainment, etc.
Distribution costs
Distribution management

Employee's Benefits:

Save money
Eliminate Check Cashing or bank fees
Dramatically reduce Money Transfer costs
Provide safety
Secure PIN access
Replace funds if lost or stolen
Add convenience
Funds available first thing on payday
Access to cash at over 350,000 ATMs and thousands of convenient Cash-Back POS locations
Card-to-Card Transfers for easy money management
Bilingual Customer Service with additional access to over 100 languages
Eliminates trips to check cashing agencies, money transfer offices
Easy, secure access via Internet
Electronic record of all transactions
Pay Bills electronically
Electronic Pay Stub access
High Quality Service
Toll Free, 24 Hour, 365 Day/Year Voice Response Telephone Access
Toll Free, 24 Hour, 365 Day/Year Live Operator Telephone Access through PayCard Services
PayCardConnect.com for secure, convenient Internet Access

The PayCard product has been designed to both easily integrate into every Employer's HR and Payroll procedures as well as deliver a high-quality consumer product:

  Simple, one-step Employee Enrollment process
  Multiple Funding Options
  Full-Service Employee Functionality
  "World Class" Transaction Processing
  Comprehensive Service and Support


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