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A sample Privilege Card

1,832 participating businesses.

We challenge you to find a way to advertise that is less expensive or more effective than the Privilege Card Program. For a limited time, merchants are invited to offer your product and/or service through the Privilege Card program absolutely FREE! No gimmicks, no fees, no kidding! All that's required of you is to offer a customer who purchases from you a discount or something of value. It's completely up to you what you want to offer.

All Privilege Card merchants receive the following benefits:

  1. A basic listing in the Discount Directory that describes your business, product or service.
  2. Your contact information.
  3. The discount or promotion that you are offering to all Privilege Card members.
  4. All merchants have the ability to log in and change their information and/or discount.
  5. A window decal or sticker to identify yourself as a participating merchant.

It only takes a moment to enroll so get started today.

Fill out this Merchant Enrollment form.
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